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Organic Irishmoss

Organic monkfruit

Natural Lemon Flavor

1. Hydration

Seamoss is one of the most mineral dense superfoods in the world.

2. Immunity

Mineral deficiency is a causative effect on immunity. An inadequate intake of minerals often leads to a decline in immunal function.

3. Recovery

Along with sleep, proper diet or mineral intake helps aid recovery after the mind and body has been stressed.
Respiratory health

Seamoss is scientificly proven to help desolve mucus in the upper respiratory system. Although, it is specific to bronchitis, it has shown to improve lung health in smokers. 

5. Metabolism (Weight control)

Seamoss is high in Iodine. Iodine is the main mineral for the tyriod that controls for most metabolism. Americans tend to be deficient in Iodine, which is why it’s important to supplement it. 

6.  Natural Collagen (Skin)

Seamoss is perfect for beauty and appearance. This superfood is beneficial for your hair, nails, and skin. Cosmetic companies are beginning to add seamoss into there products.

7.  Fertility 

In Jamaica Seamoss is mostly used for fertility and increace libido. 

8.  Digestion / Mood

Digestion and gut health is important for mood. Most serotonin receptors are located in the gut. Seamoss is known to help clean the gut biome which allows the mind to feel better. 


When fasting, seamoss is used because it provides tons of minerals without having to digest Carbs and Fats. 

10. Bone Health

The minerals density of seamoss helps supply the bone with key minerals like calcium and phosphorus. 

Our Irishmoss is sourced from the Waters of Nova Scotia. We carry the original Chrodus Cripsus, same as the original Irishmoss from Ireland.

Irishmoss is from cold waters. Whereas seamoss is from warm caribbean waters.

Add two tablespoons of EZherbal purple lemonade to 12oz to 16oz of water. Then, shale well.